Tuesday, August 03, 2004

People got me waiting for Sunshine

Breakfast: Grapes, Water, Trail Mix
Lunch: Pad Thai at Thai Table in Oceanside
Dinner: White Rice, Sesame Ginger Chicken breast. Salad with spinach, bacon, toppers, and 1000 Isle Dressing, some onion rings.

Hit of the Day: Watched the Padres drop the opener in their series against the Phillies and watched the Cubs beat the Rockies. Should have exercised tonight and did not.

Tonight was chores night. Took out the trash, cleaned my filthy dining room and did laundry. Now I'm just sitting here bored at about 9:52pm waiting to go to bed. Kinda early for me but what the hey. Waiting for Butch to call but I'll get back to him tomorrow. Need to get in touch with Tony. It was his birthday Saturday. Oh well. We'll hang at some point. In the meantime I'm just relaxing and watching Last Comic Standing.


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