Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I really need to post more often...

 ... but I probably won't.

Been a tough day. Halloween was a bust again. I didn't dress up but Victoria did. Awesomeo: her new secret identity. She was so cute. Then later there was this naughty school girl number. Well, let's just say if any kids had come for candy, I was going to have to be the one handing out the candy. Very nice indeed. Well, except I didn't get any at the end of the night and well I can't complain since I've barely been able to keep up with her lately.

Now, she's writing a novel about rape and that means I ain't getting any through the entire month of November and probably well into December. I'll keep you all updated since I'm sure what I've already written hasn't been at all too much information. I'm sure you're just begging for more.

Thought a lot about Stephanie today. Reading a story in the Ensign about Jennifer Sabin, a woman in our stake who was saved from CF by two donors within the ward who gave her a lobe each from their lungs. I was reading it out loud to Victoria while she was cooking and I just couldn't keep my composure. I just kept thinking about Stephanie and how badly I wanted to give her my kidney when she went on dialysis. I never actually took the steps to finding out if I'd be a match. I guess it's natural, when thinking back on someone you loved who died young, of all the ways you could have maybe saved them or at least postponed the inevitable.

Anyways, that's been the last few days for me and moreso the last 24 hours. Just trying to keep a smile. Of course there is one thing that's put a smile on my face today: I just purchased a black Canon Rebel EOS XTi (aka 400D) D-SLR camera with the kit lens.

I also bought a Canon 50mm f/1.8 lens which I've heard is a must have. I  got a special backpack for it, battery grip with a couple extra batteries and a couple 2GB memory cards. I'm also getting a battery charger and a beanbag. Then all I need is a couple other lenses (telephoto and fisheye or wide angle probably), a flash with a diffuser, and a couple small things and I'll be complete. For those unaware, I'm strongly pursuing a career in photography. I'm going to take a bunch of classes, go to workshops and of course LOTS of practice.

So it's been a bit of a bittersweet day. Thinking of Stephanie, trying to enjoy Halloween, getting my new camera and getting to spend my evening with my wife. Have I mentioned yet just how absolutely wonderful this woman is?

Anyways, I can't stress enough that you must not take advantage of loved ones around you. Even those friends and even acquaintances. One day they might not be there and you'll wish you spent more time with them. I'm just grateful for every day that we got with Stephanie. She sure caused a lot of heartache but not nearly as much as she brightened my life with her presence. What a wonderful spirit. Be kind to those around you. Even those pesky drivers on the road who get under your skin. Those are human beings in that car and we all make mistakes.

So let me not be a hypocrite and start with you. Hello there. That's a great shirt you have on. You're really cool and I want to know you better. Not in that creepy, I want to cheat on my wife with you, sort of way. That's just wrong. No it's more like that...nevermind. You're intelligent. You should be able to figure this out on your own. See? You took it in the wrong way and now we can't be friends. Just know it wasn't me. It was you. You messed this up. Good day sir/ma'am.


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