Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Cause I ain't got no time

Heading out to see Butch tonight. Haven't hung out with the dude in like 10-13 years. We'll see how my bowling is holding out. In the meantime I sit here watching the Padres game thinking...when was the last time our offense was this anemic? WOW. Hitting with RISP has gone the way of the Complete Game and the Stolen Base. Oh well. Such is the fruits of life.

My English skills are limited so you'll have to forgive me. Actually you don't have to do anything. just read this and enjoy it cause you never know in life man. You never know how long you'll be around. You have to live like the next moment you'll be meeting your maker and answering for your life's choices. There's my deep thought of the day. Hey, it's better than F*ck off isn't it?
Well I'm outtie so....F*ck off.


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