Saturday, October 08, 2005

Lights, Camera, Action...

Victoria and I have gone to three good movies in the last few weeks. Well, one is good in the sense that I liked it but on a spiritual end I wouldn't call it "good". Green Street Hooligans is a movie that was written, produced and directed by Lexi Alexander.
You can check out the trailer here to get the jist of the plotline:

lots of foul language and violence as you might have guessed. Still, it caught my attention and had to see it. Lately I've been obsessed about football (soccer) and more especially about Norwich City which has a team in the Championship League (one division below the English Premier League). The way their leagues work, there are about 5 levels of play. Teams buy players, and based on how well they play within their league they either stay at their level (most do) or they gain promotion or even get demoted.
For instance, Norwich City for a long time played in the 1st Division (one level below Championship). They made it to Championship and played there for a while until earning premiership in 2003. They were demoted after last season because they didn't compete well at that level. This year they're middle of the table (standings) in the Championship League after the 1st break. People are calling for the head of the boss (head coach) Nigel Worthington. He brought them premiership but they don't think he can do it again. After watching them the last few months maybe I agree.
ANYWAYS, so I've always had a connection with Britain. I study their history, read books and watch shows on the country, especially post-roman to Elizabeth the First. Actually I'm more fascinated with the Pre-Roman Celtic era. They mostly couldn't read or write. They didn't keep many records. All we really know is their art and some of their culture...very little really. How did they live? Anyways...I'm getting off track.
So with my obsession of soccer comes of course the fans. Soccer hooligans or firms, as they're also known, are well documented and this movie came out at the right time to catch me up. I liked it. Lexi was part of a firm in Germany but this is set in WestHam and features the two most well known firms in England: WestHam and Millwall. The Green Street Elite are fictional but some members of the ICF, WestHam's real firm, were in the movie. I loved the movie for what it was and I got the message by the end. Anyone who watches this movie wanting to become a hooligan is too stupid to live. Perhaps the reason why this rambling was so long is that I'm still having trouble justifying why I saw the movie and why I want to see it again.

Now there's Mirrormask and we already talked about this. By far the best movie I've seen in quite some time. That trailer is here:
I can't really explain how good this movie is. You just have to see it yourself. Maybe it's not your thing. Still, I loved it and I'd highly recommend it to anyone.

This morning we saw Serenity. Victoria brought home the first few episodes of Firefly from Netflix and I liked it. Most people don't like the theme song but I've found a version of it I can stomach. We have seen all the episodes and Serenity was a good movie. Makes it easier having seen the episodes and having already been somewhat emotionally attached to the characters.

Ahhhh movies are good.


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