Wednesday, September 14, 2005

San Diego Vacation Part 1...

Headed out after work at 5pm Friday. Destination: Kings Restaurant in Carlsbad, CA. Sat with co-workers watching the Sox and Yanks battle it out. The guys were almost all from Boston. Got to know them all a bit better. Headed to the in-laws to pick up Victoria. We stayed there for a while and watched a really long Padres game. They won but wow it seemed to just go on and on and on.

Saturday morning we got up and cleaned house a bit. We headed out to DZ Akin's for lunch. I keep forgetting just how good their sandwiches are. Knish with Philly Style Steak and Eggs. Yum. Victoria hung out with Becky at the kitty shelter while I came home and did some chores. After I had finished I relaxed to a game of Age of Kings. Victoria and Becky came back around 6pm where Victoria cooked a WONDERFUL tamale casserole. We hung out, played Scattergories, and I went in to play a little Age of Kings while the two of them chit chatted. Becky left after a short time and Victoria went to bed. I stayed up playing Age of Kings until 5:45am! Obsessed? I don't know but I gotta cut that stuff out. When my wife goes to bed, I gotta follow her in. It's just natural. Anyways whatever. She don't care, I don't care. In fact Victoria mentioned that if there was one way to describe us both, it's simply one sound..."eh".

Sunday we just loafed all day at home. Victoria made some bacon-blue cheese filled burgers we'd bought at Trader Joe's. They're not all that great. I won't go into the whole reason why except they tasted horrible. Part of it could have been the heat being too high on the stove but the rest was all on the burger. Oh and surprise surprise. I spend the rest of the evening playing Age of Kings and went to bed around 2:30am. Not such a great idea.

Monday, we should have gotten up around 7am. We had to get bagels, do some laundry, and then head out to the Birch Aquarium. Instead I got up late due to staying up so late with that darned game. So we went out around 10am to get a 1/2 dozen bagels. Then we came back and spent too much time goofing off. It got to be about 2pm before we headed out to Birch Aquarium. Turns out we didn't really need all day. It's a lot smaller than I thought. Still cool and I got a few acceptable photos out of it. Realized I really need a Digital SLR. This thing's shutter speed it so freaking slow and camera shake like crazy. Anyways I'll update this with some photos when I have the time. We left around 4:30, got stuck in rush hour traffic and came home for Pick Up Stix and Pizza Hut. Weird? Not as much as you might think. This night I didn't stay up late but I still woke up late on Tuesday.

We wanted to get up at 8am to get to Point Loma Lighthouse. Instead we got up at 8:30 and laundry hadn't dried. I don't know why but our dryer takes like 2 hours to dry clothes. So we were ready to go around 11am. Way too late for Victoria. We would have to head out to Pt Loma and do our thing and get back in time to get ready for Dinner. Plus we'd miss the tidepools which Victoria was most excited about. We had already cancelled the zoo due to budget restraints and that was the part of the vacation she was looking forward to most.

So instead we sat down and planned out the rest of the vacation and the result was a great day. We decided on the zoo in 2 weeks. Then we headed out pronto to Coyote Grill in Carlsbad Village. AWESOME food! Cajun Shrimp Fettuccine. YUM YUM. Then we went over to Panniken to read. I had an italian soda with Vanilla and whipped cream and sat down to read 1215. We hung out there for a while and then walked over to Lou's records. I picked up another copy of the Dancehall Crashers The Old Record and then some 99 cent CD by some band called Atticus Fault. It's alright. Decent background music but that's about it.

We came home, got ready and headed to Bali Hai. OK this place has a great view of the bay, but otherwise it's like serving Carrow's food in George's at the Cove. the food quality just couldn't match the decor. $17.95 for pork loin that was dry, not enough orange hoisin sauce and the potatoes must have been red. I didn't care for them or the veges. Overall just not that great. Even the dessert was average at best. I'll give it 2 more times. Seafood sampler next time and Shrimp after that if the Seafood stinks. If it still tastes horrible I'll write it off.

So I come home, finish laundry, and head to bed at 12:31am. More later...


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