Sunday, September 25, 2005

Poker Night 2: Sophomore Jinx

Now last time I played, I lost my $10 but I lasted the whole night and so all was well. This time, I wasn't so lucky. The whole night I was a few seconds behind everyone else and I just wasn't seeing the cards. It happens. It was really great seeing Aaron, Erin, Jo, and Butch. It was nice meeting some new faces with Omar and Bernardo and Morgan. Well, Morgan somehow got in my head. He was up & down a lot, shifting, talking, and it threw me further off than I was already. I know I know, excuses.
Still, I had a good time even if I spent most of the time watching. Good conversations. Learning more about people. Having more people in your life that are friendly is a very good thing. OK, enough with the kissing ass.
So thanks to Aaron for hosting the night. Next poker night, Butch will be buying me in as I bought him in this time. Since he had a profitable night, it was good for all involved. Til next time...


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