Tuesday, October 25, 2005

News from the Homefront...

My sister is in the hospital. That would be Stephanie, the 23 year old diabetic who's been on dialysis for the last 6 months. Apparently she's been trying to fight her blood sugar. Lately it's been routinely over 200. At home things aren't good. She has helped my grandma by stripping the old wallpaper in one room and try to clean the walls to repaint them. She also does a good number of chores around the house since my Uncle won't help and my grandma is not in the best physical shape. All this and my grandma and uncle still feel the need to make snide little comments under their breath all the time. All Stephanie has been worrying about is Grandma's comfort, health and safety and this is the thanks she gets?
Anyways...that could just be the emotions talking. Last night Josh (Steph's boyfriend) woke her up from her nap and went to get her a glass of water. Steph I guess sat up, took a sip and then went into a seizure not too long after waking up. Josh rushed her to the hospital and she's been in ICU since. They won't let her wake up. They haven't been able to get her blood sugar levels down much. Josh says the doctors and nurses aren't telling him much; that it's hard to get information out of them. It could just be his own nerves. He loves her surely but still, how would you like to have to call your girlfriend's family to say that something happened to her while she was with you and she's NOT ok?
Josh seems to say her vitals and everything are improving and he feels she'll be ok but there was a definite air of doubt in his voice. More than just a hint, I'd say. Frankly I'm really scared and I've spent a lot of the night just trying to keep from crying. I keep trying to find a number to call my dad or mom but I don't have any numbers for them. They both just recently moved so I don't have their new phone numbers yet. I e-mailed dad cause i know he's online. Mom isn't and so I don't know what to do. I don't want to call Bill. He's had enough to worry about. I don't want to burden him with this at least until I know more.
Please, if anyone reads this and you believe in God or at least the power of prayer, PLEASE pray for my sister. My wife and I knelt in our living room and prayed when we got home. I've been praying in my heart ever since I got the call at about 3:45 today. I just hope she'll be ok.


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