Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Things are not looking good. As of 9am this morning my sister Stephanie was still not improving. According to the doctor who talked with my parents this morning, she was "restless" due to being cephalopathic. I understand this to be a sort of state of the brain having seizures. She clenched her teeth so hard that she broke a tooth in the front. Doctors will try to run an EEG on her and they already ran a CAT which showed her as normal...whatever that is. They'll re-run more tests and update my parents who I hope will then update me.

Josh called me yesterday around 3:45. He then called Grandma who called Bonnie and mom. I then e-mailed Dad (I didn't have his phone number). Dad called this morning asking for more info which I didn't have. Mom called with info and dad called shortly after with more info.

Frankly we're all on edge and beside ourselves with grief and hope for her that she'll get through this and all will be well. I'm just trying to keep my faith in God. Either he will heal her and help her recover, or maybe it's her time and he's calling her home. I need to accept either outcome. I'm just so scared and the idea of not having her to hold, laugh with, or hear from here on earth...well it's just too much to bare right now.

Please keep your thoughts with us and pray for her recovery...or whatever God decides is best...and if he chooses to bring her home that he will give us the strength to accept that.

Anyways...more to come.


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