Saturday, November 25, 2006


Thanksgiving 2006 was pretty fun. Almost all of Victoria's mom's side of the family made it. We missed Desiree and Juan with their twins, J.R. and Sierra but I believe everyone else was there.

We got there a bit early, around 11am. We got some lunch on our way and watched some football. Both of the widely viewed games were pretty boring. No one, I think, really questioned that Miami and Dallas had those games wrapped up before the opening kickoff. The results confirmed that.

The food was great and the conversation was as good as always. I missed having Bill there. I know he's staying at a shelter somewhere but I have no way of getting ahold of him or I think he may have been welcome to join us.

The evening game of Denver v Kansas City was a nice change of pace vs the morning and afternoon games. I wish Time Warner would pick up the NFL Network. Not that I like their commentating (just the opposite in fact) but it would be nice to be able to watch the Thursday Night games the rest of the year without having to go over to the in-laws.

Ahh so family, food and fun. Can't really ask for more on Thanksgiving. Other than a bit of drama about the time we ended up eating there were no fights or arguments and everyone seemed to have a good time.

Here are pictures of the event...

BTW...leave a comment. What was your favorite moment this Thanksgiving? Not evening. Not "spending time with family." Singular moment. Every get together has that moment. What was yours?


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