Monday, March 26, 2007

Mondays always suck

So in the course of my day I've complained about some egg-shaped dude that just walks around the office. He's not an employee. Just a really short egg-shaped dude. Kind looks like a mix of Danny DeVito, Wallace Shawn and Stephen Root doing Milton from Office Space. Lacks a little hair up top with just a bit on the sides, squinty Wallace Shawn eyes, and kinda hairy. He just creeps me out. I've plotted the invasion and conquering of the mini-countries of Europe including sacking and pillaging the Vatican City, executing everyone in the cathedral and leaving them hanging from the buttresses for the carrion birds to have their fill. What is wrong with me? It's Monday, that's what's wrong.

Then I made the wonderful decision to listen to KATG this morning. Coughing really hurts my ribs. Laughing makes me cough or at least simulates the same motion. So listen to Matt and Keith and Chemda yuck it up, led to quite a painful morning.

Missed the Dawn & Drew party in LV Friday night. why a Friday and not Saturday I'll never know but I was deathly ill and broke anyways so it doesn't matter. Sounds like it was a ton of fun. Suck.

So yeah Mondays suck and this Monday has sucked double. Tired and whiny. Really whiny. I'm starting to annoy myself here so I'll take off. Ciao. Slainte. Aloha. Whatever.


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