Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Podcasts and the weekend

Wow what a last few days.

It started Friday. We have a really great group at our work. There's four of us that get along really well. After I left on Friday, our company let one of them go. Skip was a temp that worked for us and he's a really cool guy. The company claimed budget issues. We have two others in our department that are leaving in June. Neither of these two that are leaving are temps. Could they not have hired on our two temps into those open slots and then just hired one temp to replace the two? Why now? Why couldn't it wait 3 more months? Anyways I'm ranting but for as NOT upset as Skip is, I'm upset about it. I just hate being lied to.

Saturday was a busy day. We headed to the in-laws place to do our income taxes and luckily we owe less this year than last year by over $200. Nice but it's still over $400. Victoria got wrangled into seeing the new horrific Tim Allen film. Poor thing. Her mom told her if she saw this movie with her, she'd go see the Wil Ferrell/John Heder film about ice skating which Victoria wants to see. Both movies look like duds to me so I'll be staying away from that.

Butch and I went out for lunch to Batter Up! Great food. I had a double shrimp sandwich and Butch had the Buffalo Chicken sandwich. We sat and admired Kevin Durant for a while before heading home. Then, the in-laws took us out to dinner at DZ Akin's. We love that place! Best deli I've had in San Diego yet. If you know of better, please let me know.

Sunday was church, home teaching and then I went out and met a buddy for dinner. Well, I say buddy. We've been part of the same online community for 8 years but we'd never met each other in person until now. We went out the The Prado for dinner. The Prado is by far my favorite dinner place in San Diego. In fact I've never been ANYWHERE better than this place but I'm sure there's bound to be better SOMEWHERE in the world. Anyways, we talked about the forums, his job, renaissance faires, press passes, etc. Good conversation, good food and overall a great meeting. Victoria and I plan to go out and visit him in February of next year when we go to AZ Renaissance Festival.

That was our weekend. Now for Podcasting.

We're hoping to start our own podcast soon. We'll be recording every night for the next week or so, tweaking things until we feel we have something decent and then we'll put out the first episode. This is going to require some quick website building by Victoria as well as getting domains and web hosting set up. We'll need all the help we can get as far as that goes. Web hosting isn't cheap. Especially when you're putting up 30 minute shows nearly every day or one hour a week or whatever. So far all I've learned is I say "um" and "uh" a lot and I tend to go into far too much detail about stuff so it ends up sounding like a rambling. So if I can get rid of the nerves and get to the point I think we'll be just fine. We're best when we just play off each other vs having our own little "parts".

So we'll release the name when we have domains set up. Hopefully no one will take our name before we get started.

Alright that's it for tonight. I'm tired. Talk to you all later.


At 12:10 AM , Blogger I'm Butch said...

And then I will add another tentacle on my rise to world domination! MUAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!....ah, crap, I said the quiet part loud and the loud part quiet.


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