Sunday, May 13, 2007

Cruise Day Two

I'm writing this blog as if I wrote it the days it all took place when in reality I'm writing this then Monday after the cruise was over. Enjoy...

This was a sea day. Still getting our sea legs when we woke up, every time the ship moved we thought it was an earthquake before quickly remembering we were on a ship and such a thing was impossible. We met the in-laws for breakfast at the Windjammer and headed over to the solarium to hang out and chat. Bart and Teresa told us about some of their other cruises and some of their initial impressions about this one.

Before lunch, we headed to the store and I found alcohol is VERY cheap on cruises. Duty free and tax free. The bottles are bigger too, full liter bottles instead of the 750mL bottles you get on shore. In San Diego, a bottle of Dewar's 12 year is about $45. On the ship, I got TWO liter sized bottles for $39.95 total. I figure I'll take one until I give up alcohol forever at the end of June and I'll find something to do with the other. After Victoria found a sweater and shawl to help keep her warm, I headed back to the stateroom for some rest while Victoria headed out to the art auction which she only attended for the free champagne.

We hit up the dining room for lunch and had the only bad meal I would have on the ship. I ordered a buffalo chicken sandwich which came with grilled peppers. I asked for white onions instead. The waiter didn't hear me and said they didn't have grilled onions and asked if I wanted onion rings instead. I just wanted raw white onions but I got onion rings because I was still too shy to just bluntly tell the staff what I wanted.

After lunch, Victoria headed out for her hair styling appointment. She got her hair straightened for our first formal night of the cruise. Meanwhile I stayed in the stateroom and watched some ESPN before getting ready for dinner.

I put on my newly purchased black suit, black dress shirt and red tie and we headed out to the Schooner Bar to wait for our seating time. Meanwhile we attended the Captain's Welcome Aboard Reception where we got free drinks and listened to the captain introduce himself and the staff to us. After this we headed to the dining room for dinner. Lobster bisque, caesar salad and fillet of beef. I tried some of Victoria's escargot and loved it. Tonight's wine was a merlot from Chile.

After dinner they had photographers with backdrops around the ship taking formal pictures that we could purchase later for $19.95 per 8x10. Kinda pricy I thought but we weren't sure yet when we'd do this again and it was our first cruise so we ended up buying three of them.

At night it was back to the Schooner bar for drinks and off to bed. We'd be pulling into San Francisco early and I wanted to be there to take pictures of the bridge as we pulled in. Victoria and her mom headed out to the theatre to watch the Adult comedy show with Louis Johnson.


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