Tuesday, June 26, 2007

More news going unpublished

So it seems that Dana Jill Simpson has something to say. In fact, in a signed affidavit she has said it. We all know politicians are corrupt but she's not keeping quiet and it's angered someone in Alabama. They've burned her house to the ground and run her car off the road, totalling it, all after this affidavit came out. What news is this receiving nationwide? NONE. Not a single bit. Hmmm, and the Republicans make claims about a liberal media? Perhaps after seeing someone have their house burned down and their car totalled, the media is scared to run this story? Well, I'm not. My insurance will more than cover my car and my apartment doesn't belong to me so with myself not being the cause of the blaze I'd have nothing to fear I think.
If you think this is just happening in Alabama you're very wrong. I don't like extreme political activists no matter what side they follow. If you can't see the truth in the middle then you're blind and you need to take a step back. Problem is, nowadays even those in the middle are acting crazy. God help this country because the people living here sure aren't doing anything to help.


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