Thursday, August 05, 2004

One Dozen Years a Doctor does not make

OK so I've finally awoken from my short slumber. Yeah that's right folks I got up this morning at 6:30 and I now regret it but here I am at work so what the hell. Can't go back now, right? Yeah so Butch and I finally hung out after a dozen years of being incommunicado. Let's do I remember the evening? I'm sure he'll give his account over at (and once I learn how to make a sidebar with links I'll have one for y'all) but here's how I remember it: So I visit the in-laws to get that $300 loan from them (so irresponsible with money you know) and head over to meet Butch around 9pm.
I drive into the complex and am promptly greeted with a "TENANT PARKING ONLY" sign. Ignoring the sign I park in an empty spot just praying the owner of said spot doesn't return home while Cricket is sitting there (Cricket's the car). Having a bit o' trouble finding the actual apartment I look up to see some guy peering into the parking lot and take the big guess that it's him. Upon finding out I was correct we say our hellos not know what the night has in store and we proceed to Brunswick Lanes in Rancho Del Rey.
I proceed to have my worst night of bowling EVER. I swear to you 4 things made that possible. First and most guilty were the shoes. The soles had no slide in 'em and my fear of stumbling and tumbling down the lane forced me to change from my normal delivery and had me off center all night. Second The ring finger I use to push off on the ball hurt like a bitch for some reason and I wasn't comfortable there either. Couple that with nerves and my pants being just a bit too big for me and I never got comfortable on the lanes. OK I lie. I had 3 or 4 frames there in the second game where I found my groove and hit Spare after Spare. Otherwise Two games under 70 and a 112. NOT GOOD.
So after three games I'm getting a bit sweaty and I'm a little frustrated so I declare bowling that night to be over. We return the shoes and were about to head to the bar nearby when I got the ingenius idea of heading to Moose McGillicuddy's. So we park at 6th and G in the little Ace Parking Lot in space 146 and make our way. Long do I forget this is now 10:30 at night and right after a game has gotten out. So we walk past the long line into Moose's and proceed to Fred Mexican Cafe instead.
So here is where a lot of those stories just start to come spilling out. He hears about my first time being drunk, the incident at Tony's (forgot to mention the swimming on the carpet how little details get missed), typical high school drama (not much of it but a tad bit), and I get to hear loads of great and horrific stories of drunken moments and we share our 9/11 stories. Trust me Butch you were right. That story DOES merit a free drink next time we hang. We sit and chow on food and drink until about midnight. We pay for our tab and head home.
Once we pull into the parking lot I'm thinking "OK well here's the end of the I walk him to the door?" Then I realize that's just crazy talk and we're all a little worried about him. Instead we sit and chat about video games, technology, the sound incident Memorial Day, and various other topics until about 2:20am. I get home at 3am...sleep came to me around 4am and the alarm rudely awoke me at 5am. I slept in until a little after 6am, took a shower and here I am.
So my impressions of last night's re-reunion: 12 years? What 12 years? What are you talking about? This guy was my best friend throughout elementary school and when we hung out last night it was as if we'd never been apart. I know that sounds a little odd when two guy friends talk about each other but I swear it's all innocent. The only difference is that there is a big chunk of our lives that the other doesn't know about. It'll be good fodder for conversations as we hang out more. We have the same sense of humor and our core personalities are the same. The difference there is we've grown up so we're smarter and more mature. Not more sane, mind you. Just more mature.
So I think either next Thursday or Friday we'll be seeing each other again. This time I'll pick him up and transport him to my place where he'll get to meet LushRain and sample her great cooking (if she'll agree to it...haven't exactly asked her yet). Should probably do it Friday so that this time if it runs until 3am or whatever it's no big deal because no one has work the following day. I tell you. Right now I need a pillow and Nidol will not be required.
Until tonight y'all. Ciao


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