Saturday, July 30, 2005

Ahhh friends...

I really don't know what exactly to say here. Most of my posts are just disorganized ramblings. I take my heart and pour it through my fingers.

My great friend Tony is having a birthday. I missed his party tonight but my heart was there with him. I sure hope he had a good time. I can't wait to celebrate with him.

My other great friend Butch is heading out to Las Vegas. He's in a bit of a funk. Life can do that sometimes. You get to looking back on your life and where you are now and wonder what the future will bring. Will you make the right choices or miss out on some great opportunity because you didn't recognize it when it was there? I think the idea is not being afraid to get to know someone and if there still seems to be a match, pouring your heart into it.

Sure sometimes it still doesn't work out but you meet some great people along the way right? The real problem women tend to not open up. They don't want to be serious. Some of the worst problem women love getting serious. They fall in love with each guy and each break up is really ugly. The deal is recognizing these psychos early. Don't second guess yourself. Trust your initial instincts.

If you're serious about looking for a potential wife, don't let any possibility pass you by but once you're serious with someone, quit looking until the one you're with proves to not be the one. I can't tell you how many relationships wouldn't have survived all the things Victoria and I have been through. We just both had this inner feeling like we were sure the other was right for us and so we stuck it out no matter how much at times we wanted to get out. Now...we couldn't be happier. We're a perfect match. We've grown into each other. It's rare, but it happens. Here's hoping for all the fortune and happiness life can bring you.

Went to Del Mar Races. $21 to get in ($8 a piece and $5 parking) and $70 bet. $17 won. Yuck. I played percentages too early in the racing season and paid for it. I bet favorites early and long shots late. It ended the other way around. I haven't bet on horses since 2002. I came out with a profit that year. I don't plan on going back this year. That was just too hard a hit.


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At 11:55 AM , Blogger Daniel Womack said...

Can you believe this guy?

Even blogs aren't safe anymore.


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