Saturday, June 11, 2005

Ahhhh Employee Spotlight of the Month

Yeah...from the current Community Weekly On-Line from By Referral Only:

"Going above and beyond what's asked of him – that's our Employee Spotlight for June, Daniel Womack, in a nutshell.

As our recently promoted Internet Marketing Coordinator, Daniel exemplifies the core values of By Referral Only. A high level of integrity shows up in Daniel's attention to detail and the pride he takes in his work. As a part of the FUN-tastiks, he's the first to initiate fun activities that all of us enjoy. Daniel's teamwork and communication skills become evident as he completes all projects on time and continually comes through in clutch situations. He displays a passion for making everything he touches as perfect as possible.

A consummate professional, Daniel exhibits a positive attitude and a total commitment to excellence every day.

Congratulations, Daniel."

Yeah that's right it reads "FUN-tastiks". Don't laugh at me, I didn't pick the name. I simply wanted "Social Events Committee" but THE MAN wanted that name up there. Well I shouldn't say THE MAN. I should instead say the women. Notice the lower case.

Had our company picnic today and actually had a good time. I was worried that being stuck there working the event from 10am-4pm would cramp my style but I was mistaken. Victoria made it really easy on me and there was plenty of help. Came home with some Randy Jones hot dogs, a beach ball, and some candy. Nice additions for the next ballgame or at least lunch tomorrow.

I find the Padres had an 11-13 April, 22-6 May, and now are about to have a 2-8 start to June. NOT GOOD. With no patience at the plate and a bullpen that's lately been more fire that ice I think we could have problems if we don't have a REAL good July and August. Burroughs is showing less power than last year (believe it or not), Otsuka isn't the Aki of 2004, and Loretta is gone until August. Good news is Giles leading the league in walks, Roberts is better than expected, Eaton very well might start the All-Star Game, and our new bullpen is better than last year (except for Aki). Ramon Hernandez should start the All-Star game, Woody is better than Wells this year, and Peavy is Peavy. If we can just stay healthy and stay within 3 games of the division lead by the time Loretta comes back we can most definitely win this thing. We won't get to the series without another ace pitcher though. Unless Stauffer can pitch every night the way he's pitched tonight. 7 innings, 1 run on 3 hits and 7 strikeouts (NO WALKS). NICE!!!

OK so... With those two things added to the fact that I might just be married to the best woman the good Lord could have ever given me. Well we were given to each other and I know this is gonna make you puke but this woman is my whole world...outside of Christ...but we love Him together. So, yeah. Feeling good even in the midst of an 8th inning 1-0 Padres deficit.


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