Saturday, July 23, 2005

That'll be the day...

Yeah today is most likely the last time I will be seeing my sister Rachel and my Mom for quite a long time. They both are moving out to West Virginia the first week of next month. I got maybe 3 hours sleep last night, got up at 8am to take Victoria to work so she could get some work in on a big project, and headed home. Been sitting here watching ESPN and editing the blog I posted earlier this morning. Still too long I think but so are the rest of 'em.

WOW...Padres just traded Phil Nevin to the Orioles for Sidney Ponson. What are they thinking? The Orioles just raped 'em I think. So Sidney is our big trade? That doesn't bode well for us I feel. Sidney's got an ERA that keeps creeping closer and closer to 7.00 with each start. He's almost there now after losing his last 4 decisions. YUCKO-SUCKO.

Anyways, so I have dishes to do, pick Victoria up in like 2-3 hours and head out to my moms. Still tired. Didn't get any nap in when I got home cause I was too awake. I really fear driving home tonight from Ontario, California to San Diego. Drivers on the I-15 (or any freeway and street really) can get a bit crazy. Some want to go 50, some 80, some 120. I've had incidents both of almost ramming someone who was doing 20 mph less than me cause I wasn't totally paying attention and wasn't ready for someone trying to drive street speed on the freeway and also of doing 95 on the freeway and almost getting plowed because the guy coming up behind me is doing 20 mph more than that. Yeah that incident happened at night too. Where did he/she need to go that required them going 120? Whatever.

So...drama coming up...I'll post the updates later. I thought I was nervous last night. This just has me thoroughly depressed.


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