Thursday, June 16, 2005

HELLO! ELLo ELlo Ello ello

Is anybody out there? Funny. I'm reading a lot of the blogs of Butch's friends and trying to get to know a little about the people I'll be shaking hands with the night of the 25th or more aptly titled First Annual Rick James Memorial Summer Jam. I can't see why I've never met some of these people before. Could be because Butch was an Eastlake man and I was a Chula Vista boy. Could be connections through college that I missed because I didn't GO to college. Could be the 13 year gap between 1991 when Butch and I last hung out and 2004 when we finally got back in touch. Could be the 8 year gap (since 1996) since the last time we talked...and that was a breif hello-how-ya-been kinda conversation before his Eastlake Academic team wooped our sorry CVHS butts. Reminds me. Bracken Ellis. 1st and 2nd grade. How can I forget thee? My little boy interest and a slight friendship bordered on "I feel sorry for the dork so I'll pay him some attention cause no one else is" into a little boy crush and then "Dude I'm freaking 8. I don't like boys yet and certainly not you!" into heartbreak and still today as happily married as I am I still wonder how she's doing. Weird huh? OK get over it. I only thought of it because I've been trying to remember her name forever and I kept thinking Gretchen something or other...maybe Harris as a last I know it started with an E and it wasn't Gretchen. Google being my friend i look up Eastlake class of 1995 and there she is. A year older than I. Which in Elementary school REALLY added to the "lower lifeform" feeling I got when we'd play ball in her driveway.
Anyways...I don't know who checks my blog so I want to send out Birthday wishes to Porsha King who hasn't called me back and Miriam Emery (Juare) who I haven't emailed in quite a long time. Just saw her name on and remembered she too has a birthday coming or having just happened or something. Hey there!
Anyways, talk to y'all again soon. Gotta split.


At 11:11 AM , Blogger All Hail King Butcher! said...

Not all those people will be at the 1ARJMSJ--it's a lot of friends I got online through various connections from across the flippin world, now. Just some. Heh.


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