Sunday, April 24, 2005

Bowling goes underground

So last night Butch calls. He's got a poker game, hoping it will happen, was thinking of heading downtown for some club hopping. That got me thinking. I'm not a club guy. I don't dance and for a guy that doesn't dance or drink, $10 and $20 covers plus large crowds and trying to find parking downtown on a Saturday night isn't really something I think I'll ever be into. So thinks I, how about getting Tony to join us and maybe the 4 of us can go shoot some pool or something instead. Victoria and I were on our way to the Bartletts for they had found a great little Italian place in La Jolla and were willing to pay for us to try it out. NICE.
SO, off we get to the house and we wait a bit to leave and so I give Tony a call. Sounds like he's down with it. He wants to bring along his girlfriend and I figure that's not a problem. More fun. So I talk about shooting pool and perhaps a club or something since I don't dance but Tony, his girlfriend, and Victoria love to dance. I wouldn't mind spending some time watching them have fun so long as I got a bit of pool in. So I call Butch and ask if perhaps we can play some pool instead. No go. Dude wants to get his dance on, so I bow out gracefully and say maybe we'll get together for something next week. Then we head to dinner.
WOW. Great place. Piatti is an awesome restaurant. The Pescatore is good. The seafood is ultra fresh and they cook the calamari perfectly and that's not easy to do. I had the Ravioli du Limone. Ravioli stuffed with ricotta cheese and spinach all drowned in a lemon cream sauce. WOW was that awesome. For dessert, a key lime pie infused with raspberries and surrounded with some raspberry puree. Great food all around and for four people it was $133 after a 20% tip. So about $31 a person for an appetizer, entree, dessert, and soda. Not bad for a place that looked upper class even with the guy that comes around with the parmesan cheese and the dude that keeps your water glass filled at all times. Felt like it should have cost three times what it did. Did I mention I was impressed?
So we get home and I figure I'm feeling in much more a bowling mood so I call up Tony and see if that's fine. It is and so we head to the Brunswick Bowling Alley in Chula Vista for a night of bowling. Alejandra is a great girl. Tony's found a winner or so I got out of one night of bowling. Poor girl had a left hook on her ball all night. Everytime it was headed right towards the head pin at that angle that always produces strikes. every time it would curve left just before it hit the pin and she'd miss the jackpot. She finally got hers on the very last frame of the night. Me? well after he 155, 98, 113 that I laid down on Butch I added a 123, 128 last night on my friends. I know, bowling afficienados are saying "that's it?" Yes that it jerk, now lay off! This coming from a guy that had problems reaching triple digits most of his life. Now not to get there is a disappointment so at least I'm improving and not sitting there with my smug self. You're a bowling afficienado. Don't confuse that with athlete, jerk.
Alright I type this while watching hilights of the Red Sox brawl with the Devil Rays. David Ortiz should have been ejected? This coming from a guy that gets in fist fights with his players on a regular basis, constantly and loudly in the locker room asks why the GM isn't giving him better players and how can he win with these horrible players and then wonders why he can't motivate his team. EJECTED? The pitcher threw at his head. What would you do? Wait I remember your tyrades with the umpires and as a player with pitchers. I know exactly what you'd have done. exactly what Ortiz did. So shut up Pin-thetic.
OK now that it's all out of my system. So five bowling games and I'm on a 122 average. I only missed 130 on that last game because I goofed off in the last frame. tony and I competed to see who could throw the ball farther down the lane before it hit the ground but making sure it's not so high that it gets us kicked out for good. Can't remember who won but who cares, I got a zero in the last frame and missed out on 130. Oh well it would have only bumped my average by a pin or two.


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