Sunday, August 28, 2005

Great way to end a good day

Today we headed to my aunt's for the annual family BBQ thing. Not even sure what to call it. First one without my mom. Had a good time. I really like being around my family. Strange. Society would come to make you think families are just there to annoy you. Surely my family has it's share of problems but those problems I think are in the past for now and I'm enjoying my family right now. I see nothing wrong with that.
So anyways as I was saying I went over there. We brought some candied-curried nuts and chipotle hummus. Check epicurious for the recipes. Great stuff. Added to it was plenty of chips and various dips. The usual onion, bean, 7-layer, and of course the hummus. Dinner of beer boiled brats with onions, ribs, fried chicken, baked beans, and plenty of other stuff.
Lots of good conversation, watched some HBO and headed home around 9:30. Came home to read my dad sold his house and for full-price. They'll be in Utah in no time looking for good homes. I really am very happy for them. I can't wait to visit them for Christmas in their new home. I think my dad's really really happy and so that makes me Really really happy.


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