Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Del Mar Races Saturday

I hadn't been to the races in a couple years and it showed a few weeks ago when Victoria and I joined her parents at the Race Track for a day of fun. SO after a couple weeks of careful mathmatical skills and changing odds and percentages day in and day out I hope to have a winning strategy come Saturday.

SO, COME ONE, COME ALL...everyone is invited to join us at the Del Mar Race Track on Saturday. We're all meeting at my apartment at noon and leaving at 12:30 to get to the track by 1pm so we get good parking spots and have plenty of time for people to check out the horses before the first race. If you do not know where I live, contact the nearest friend who knows me and they'll have my address. I contacted some of you by mail. The rest I either don't know your e-mail address, or I thought you were too far away to make it. If this is not the case, consider yourself invited and come join us if you can. We want as many friends there with us as we can get. Beer on the infield, betting on the horsies or just watching them if you wish, and just hanging out with good friends.

Ahhh life is good.


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