Monday, September 05, 2005

Not again...

We've got another fire trying to snuff us out but it's still about a mile away and it's moving slow so I'm fairly confident we aren't in danger. It has to cross the canyon and go through a neighborhood to reach us. from look up 9500 Carmel Mountain Road, San Diego, CA. That's Mt. Carmel High School. The fire started just northeast of the football stadium and is headed NNE through the canyons there. I took this picture just outside my apartment. That's facing south. Those trees are on a hill and there's a community of homes just to the other side of the trees. Then the canyon and the fire coming at us. As of 4:45pm it seems they have it somewhat under control. Smoke is going straight up and the fire is moving REAL slow giving fire crews plenty of time to surround it and attack it from the air. We'll be fine. If I hear otherwise, I'll post once more before I leave. In that instance I'll be taking my computer, but I have my laptop so if there's an unsecured wifi connection somewhere I'll log on and check in. Again, we're fine for now but October 2003 is fresh in my mind.


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