Saturday, September 10, 2005

Start of a weeklong vacation

We're playing San Diego tourists this week. This whole trip started as a week in Boston. When Red Sox tickets weren't available we switched it to Las Vegas. We wanted to see Xumanity and have a few days of fun. Then we figured that there were too many temptations in Vegas so we changed it to Disneyland and ballgames in LA, Anaheim and San Diego. NOW it's become a week of hitting places in San Diego. Pt Loma Lighthouse, Maritime Museum, Birch Aquarium, Triple Espresso, Padres Game, Lou & Mickeys (maybe) and other stuff. We're spending Wednesday night at the Omni Hotel while Victoria sees Tori Amos in concert. Then next Saturday, we're seeing her again in Los Angeles and my sister is taking us out to Lowry's for dinner to celebrate our anniversary (a month late).

So I'll try to check in each day if I can. Most of our days will be spent loafing around the house. Ahhh I don't have to go to work until September 19th. Nice.


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