Friday, February 10, 2006

Still ill...

Got sick Friday night. I felt bad all day Saturday and didn't have the energy to clean the house like I had wanted to. Sunday we enjoyed the Super Bowl while I just flopped on the couch. Monday I missed work.
Tuesday and Wednesday I came into work only to be sent home because I was so sick.
Thursday I stayed home.
Today I'm at work and I have energy so I'll stay all day but my nose and chest are still buggin me.

I've taken Day-Quil, nasal decongestant, VapoRub, Robitussin, hot rag press on the forehead to fight the fever, plenty of rest, Orange Juice and water all the time, I spit out everything I coughed up and was blowing my nose so much that I have a scratch on the front of my nose (need to clip those finger nails) and my nostrils are dryer than a desert.

NOW Victoria has caught something. Sore throat, she says. She says that it comes in waves where sometimes she feels great and other times she feels horrible. So, I'll go home and take care of her tonight. We'll watch the opening ceremonies of the Olympics at 8pm and go to sleep.


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