Tuesday, January 31, 2006

New boost to color and New Canaries

Well, I gave my hair a little boost of color Friday night. I didn't like how light it had turned out before. Now I'm more amazed at the wide range of colors that are going on in my hair. Most of all is this cobalt blue that I love so much. I'll keep it around until Saturday, February 11th when I'll dye it back to it's natural color..or close to it.

Now for the Canary side of things (as if you guys even care). Norwich City FC signed Zesh Rehman from Fulham for the rest of the season. Rehman is mainly a defender but can play midfield. They also got themselves a couple of strikers: Jonatan Johansson from Charlton and Robert Earnshaw from West Brom. Rehman is a loan, Earnshaw is a 3-year deal, and Johansson is on loan. Things are going to look up a bit I hope. Especially since they just lost 4-0 to Reading today. Worst loss of the season. We'll see what happens on that front. I don't believe in the board or Worthington and have no confidence in them whatsoever. If these three help get us to the playoffs and perhaps a promotion back to the premiership, then I'll change my tune. Until then...they can all sod off as the English say.


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