Saturday, August 05, 2006

Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink

So it seems there was a water main break on Tuesday and it took until 6pm tonight for the city to let us know there are high amounts of coliform and e-coli in the water and have now told us to boil our water.

Went out to Albertsons tonight and the place was nearly empty of water. I saw people taking 8-10 cartons of 35-16.9 oz water bottles a person. I figure the rest of the county has water so we just bought one case and a couple gallon bottles. If we need more, we can go other places to get it. Worst case scenario, we just start boiling our water (which is what we'll do for brushing our teeth).

I've never dealt with this sort of situation before so it's added a little excitement to our evening. BTW, speaking of this evening, The Prado. I can't recommend this place enough. Victoria's parents took us there on their dime. Our anniversary is the 14th and that's the only reason I can think of that they'd do this. Still, it was greatly appreciated.

Victoria and I traded our usual dishes. I had grilled chicken and orechiette pasta with pancetta, red onions and toasted pine nuts in a gorganzola cream sauce while she had the pork prime rib center cut with aged white cheddar mashed potato croquette encrusted with panko and served with a medley of squash, wild mushrooms, fennel and blue lake beans served in a roasted apple demi. As I've said here before, if Autumn had a flavor, this dish would be it.

I've had the boullabaise, the seafood paella, the jumbo shrimp, the prime rib, ahi and now the orechiette pasta. It's all terrific. I've had nearly all their appetizers and desserts and they're all amazing. Favorite appetizers are the crabcakes or calamari fries and favorite dessert could be the tres leches or grilled pineapple financiers. The prices range from $10-13 for appetizers, $17-30 for entrees and about 8-9 for desserts. We have had drinks there in the past when we still drank and for those that partake, their martinis are awesome.


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