Saturday, July 22, 2006

Clerks II

Just got back from watching Clerks II.

When I first heard about this movie last year I was really excited about the prospect. Kevin Smith was up in front of something like 6,500 people and was discussing what was then "Clerks II: Passion of the Clerks". Someone asked about Mel Gibson having a beef about the subtitle and it's closeness to "Passion of the Christ". Kevin went into his idea for the crucifixion scene where two ninjas sweep in, pull Christ off the cross and someone screams out "But he's supposed to die for the world's sins!" The first ninja bellows back, "Not on MY watch!" Blasphemous? Hilarious? I'll let you decide but I have a sense of humor so I had a good laugh.

Clerks II...
Once I started seeing commercials for the movie I immediately became very doubtful. A kitschy comedy set in a fast food restaurant with purple and yellow shirts. It just seemed a bit campy for Kevin Smith and I almost didn't want to go see it.


The only words I can use to describe the movie is...Oh, cake!

Kevin Smith came in about 10 minutes after the movie for a short Q&A session.

There was a couple of women there dressed as Jay & Silent Bob who took a picture. Right after that he called on a girl who mentioned that she and her girl friend also dressed as Jay & Silent Bob a few years back and gave Kevin a picture of that.
A 12 year old kid asked about the Clerks Animated Film and while Kevin answered the question he was more astonished that a 12 year old kid was watching Clerks II. We got to meet the kids uncle Dwayne who brought this nephew to the movie. Kevin was appalled and gave him a bit of a light-hearted ball-breaking about it.
They mentioned Fletch. Apparently Kevin had planned on doing a prequel of Fletch, I guess, and he had his sights on Jason Lee. I guess it was him or no movie. The people in charge, I guess, told Kevin that Jason wasn't famous enough to do the movie. He keeps pressing everytime Jason does something and they keep telling Kevin that Jason's not famous enough yet. So then "My Name Is Earl" comes out and Kevin's going "Yes! Number 1 show in America. NOW they can't tell me he's not famous enough." "Yes," they told him, "but now he's too old." Kevin throws up his hands and says at the Q&A, "So there might be a Fletch prequel but it won't come from me." So that's sad. I guess. I've never seen Fletch.
Someone asked Kevin what he felt when he had to shoot his wife kissing Dante in the movie. Kevin's response, "It's ok. It's just O'Halloran. If it had been someone like Affleck, then I might have been jealous." Basically implying that Affleck would be an upgrade for Jennifer but Brian's safe.
There were questions about how Kevin came up with the idea for a couple aspects of the movie. One involved his first trip to Tijuana and all the myths that crop up about the area like Spanish Fly. Kevin wanted to put it in the film. The other came up in a conversation about Jason Mewes staying with a girl that wouldn't give it up and what she might have told him that would have convinced him to stick it out. The idea just flew out of Kevin's mouth without thinking and ended up in the movie.
I guess Zack was there in the theater as well (he's the inspiration for "OH! Cake!"). They discussed how he got the role (walked by at the right time as they were discussing who might get the part). He wouldn't accept the role until he got the ok from his sister, who's in high school. Saying any more would ruin it.
Anyways it was a bit of fun. Being so close to the front, I'm sure I could have shook Kevin's hand but...I don't know. Just left. Might never be so close again. Literally 5 feet away. I suck.


At 11:53 AM , Blogger All Hail King Butcher! said...

You should've let me know you were around--you missed out on what might be my final epic blaze of glory at the Center.

At 9:06 PM , Anonymous Andrea said...

HECK yeah... Kevin Smith is a genius.

I like Boondocks, too.


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