Friday, December 15, 2006


It's getting closer and closer to Christmas and I am getting tired.

Christmas shopping is done. All but one present is wrapped. Now comes for the edible gifts we'll be giving this year. Baking Day 1 starts tomorrow. We're baking everything for co-workers that we'll hand out next week. During the week we'll bake all the gifts for family and friends we were unable to purchase gifts for. First round of cards were mailed today. Next round goes out tomorrow or Monday. It's getting close.

This week was hectic at work. Stressing about numbers, thousands of reservations coming through which is great but it's also a lot of work. Until they can automate the process, whenever anyone registers for a workshop we get an email which we then print and have to enter into the system by hand. Totally inefficient.

Then today it was word 30 minutes from leaving, that an email had to go out and no one else could do it. It was using an old program that I hadn't worked with in something like 18 months or more. Took a little twisting but we got it out in under an hour. VERY nice. My thanks to those who helped make it happen. You know who you are. Even if you don't read this. I'll thank them again in person.

At home we've been catsitting. We took in Desi Saturday and had quite a bit of drama. We took her in and set her in the restroom so she could get used to the litter box. When we opened the door she was sitting behind the toilet. So, every time we headed in there during the evening, we'd pet her a bit and just make sure she was ok.

We headed to bed late and when we woke up Sunday morning, we couldn't find her anywhere. We looked under every bit of furniture. We looked in every cupboard and drawer. We looked behind and inside every piece of furniture. We opened every bag and box no matter how tightly sealed they seemed to be. No sign of her.

Victoria was beside herself with grief. She wouldn't eat, cried often, and just sat at home not knowing what to do. I made her get out to the stake Christmas concert. OOH what a wonderful evening that was! A Nigerian song, Costa Rican, just wow. Very well performed by all involved.
Monday when we got home from work we started posting flyers and talking to people around the complex. We took some time to search but again nothing.

THEN at 3:30am Tuesday morning, I wake up suddenly. Instantly wide awake I hear a mewing. I spin around to face the door and what do I see? I see the silhouette of what could be a cat walk from the bathroom to the living room. So I dart out of bed and to the bedroom door. I search the floor of the dining room and see nothing. I start to feel discouragement until I turn my head to the left and see her standing there.

I reach for her but she dashes between the couch and the coffee table then around and into the bedroom. I run into the bedroom, slam the door shut and close the closet door. She's trying to find a way out but can't so she darts under the bed. I wake up Victoria and let her know I've found the cat. I woke up my wife at 3:30 and within 5 seconds just made her entire week. How often can you say that? We both spend the next 2 hours trying to pet Desi and get her to come out from under the bed. Finally, that evening she comes out and jumps on the bed. That night she gets even more courageous by walking on us and mewing all night long.

Now she's doing much better. She loves Victoria but is still working on trusting me. I just haven't spent much time with her. She let me pet her for a long time last night but I still can't approach her without her darting under the bed. Probably that initial chase is still in her mind.

As for the's all been about Christmas. Shopping, wrapping, baking and cleaning house. We'll get it all together in a week. Yeah. Sure. Right.

Pray for us.


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