Sunday, August 26, 2007

Keep Your Mouth Shut

We all knew there was corruption in the government. Now we know that, like Russia and like Communist China, if you open your mouth about specific incidents, you WILL lose everything.

So, if you know personally about government corruption, you have a choice to make: Keep your mouth shut about it and keep the life you enjoy and the people you love OR open your mouth and risk their lives and yours.

We are no longer the best country on earth. Our government is no more righteous than that of any other. Are the times of rallies, parades and sit-ins coming back? Riots? People died in the 60s and 70s defending civil freedoms and liberties. Will we see the same thing now?

Answer: We already are. So choose your side. The time is soon when you cannot just sit in the middle and remain passive.


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