Monday, September 17, 2007

A new and healthy me

A few weeks ago I stepped on the scale and noticed a number I'd never seen before when connected to my weight. There was a 3 at the beginning. I refused to accept it so I stepped on and off it two more times. Both times it registered at 298.6 and I was floored. Last year I started Sparkpeople at 288 and it was the heaviest I'd ever been. Not anymore.

So I took this as a personal challenge. No more fast food. No more soda. No more processed crap and no more high fructose corn syrup.

Things I've already began to replace already:

[B]Breakfast [/B]used to be pop tarts and/or sugary cereals. Today this isn't perfect but I had a Morning Star Veggie Sausage Patty (3g carbs but 2 of that is from fiber), fat-free english muffin, less than a serving of strawberry preserves and less than a serving of Smart Balance. Still looking to improve on this. I think maybe it might be good if I'm going to drink milk to have it here and maybe some fruit like berries should go in place of the preserves and buttery spread.

[B]Lunch[/B] used to be fast food, hot dogs, chips, or left overs from the night before. It could still be left overs but those will be much healthier than they've been in the past. Today I have some broccoli, carrots and a bit of mushrooms mixed with a low-GI thai peanut sauce recipe I found online.

[B]Dinner[/B] for 4-5 times a week used to be fast food or restaurant food of some sort. Disgusts me now that I used to eat that way. If it wasn't that, for a while it was stuff like hot dogs and Mac n Cheese or some other processed quick to fix dinner. NOW Victoria is coming up with great light dinners from cooking light and Low-GI sites and we've cut our portions in half so that dinner is very light.

[B]Snacks[/B] used to be candy, chips, cookies, crackers, etc. but are at the moment replaced with whole grains, nuts, fruits and we're yet again looking to improve on this even further.

I've gone from drinking a quart of soda a day to 10 glasses of water and a glass of milk a day. I've gone from being totally sedentary in lifestyle to doing much more walking, some exercise bike, strength exercises (never emphasizing the same muscle group two days in a row).

Due to just these changes I already feel much more energy than last week or the week before or the week before that. I've lost at least an inch off my waist and 5 pounds in the last 3 weeks. I feel more energy than I have in a long while. I tried eating fast food a few days ago and my body had a terrible reaction to it. Maybe it was just a single bad meal but it sent the message: I can't eat this crap anymore. My end goal is simply to be healthy. Fitness and weight loss will come naturally but overall health is my real goal.

Wish me luck! Those temptations will return. I will hit bumps in the road where it feels like I'm not making any progress. I need to just ride them out and stick to what I know is right.

Speaking of which...I should start doing that in the other parts of my life too. Why wait? Tomorrow may never come.


At 7:55 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good luck, man. At some point, I'm gonna get myself back on track too. -Aaron


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