Thursday, November 01, 2007

It's that time of the month!

Some of you may not know but Victoria and I have this little podcast called Uncast. Now I warn you, it's not for everyone. I know some of you would rather not hear us curse or talk about sex or anything dirty, vile or violent but for the rest of you who haven't checked it out at all, didn't know about it or haven't been able to yet...take a little time RIGHT NOW and listen to an episode. You can start at The Beginning and move up, you can start at the most recent or even in the middle like episode 25.

NOW when you're done there AND FOR THE REST OF YOU, please at least support us by going to Podcast Alley and voting for us. They'll send you an email. You click on the link in that email and your vote counts. Fail to do any of them and the vote won't count, we'll be sad. You don't want us to be sad do you? THEN GO VOTE FOR US!!! There are over 35,500 podcasts listed on Podcast Alley. We started at the bottom.

In September we were 205th and in October we were 61st. We'd like to continue that exponential climb to the top 10 if possible. The more of you that listen and the more that vote, the more possible that is. IF YOU LIKE IT TELL YOUR FRIENDS! They might like it. Even if they don't they might spread the word at least and that's good enough. More people need to know what a podcast is and what great podcasts are out there. Check out the side bar on this blog. A few are listed there.

The counts change on the 1st of every month. Being on the front page means more potential listeners. More listeners means potential future moneys but most of all we just love people and the more people who listen, the more will like us and that's always a good thing. So go go go!


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