Friday, August 06, 2004

13 home and where've they gone?

The new pick up line of the century:

man: I must say you're quite comeuppulant
woman: What?
man: I think your "end" is quite justified.

Somehow I got comeuppulance in my head even though that's not the word I was thinking of.

LushRain and I tried out the Beachers at Petco Park tonight. Row 8, seats 29,30. Not bad but any plays in LF or RF are obstructed as is 1/2 the video board. So we watched the first 4 innings there, walked around the park at the park, off to the Padres Store in the bottom floor of the Western Metal Supply Co. Building. We returned from the store just in time to see them go from 5-0 to 11-0. Nice. Stood at a table at Randy Jones BBQ with nachos and a lemonade watching the game on the big video screen behind the batters eye. We headed for the car during the top of the 7th. Listened to Mark Loretta's second homer of the night and Khalil's great play to end the game. Santana's...nice veggie burritos. Yum.

Came home to hear of the passing of Rick James. Strange. I know I should feel more than just, "So what?" but I don't. With all the bad things he did and the fact that I never personally knew him and never cared much for his music I just don't feel anything about this. Stick another icepack in my chest. I swear I'm really not cold hearted but I don't feel like I should force feelings there that just don't exist.

In the meantime I read an article by a good friend of mine at Michael Tatum. Great guy. Was interested in what he had to say about the new Beastie Boys and Morrissey. A- and B. Not bad. Could be worse...Much. SO I could buy them or I could download them. Morals or money? Isn't how the world goes these days? to bed. Gotta drive out to Agoura Hills tomorrow morning around 9am. WOW. I must get some sleep. Love you all and see you Monday.


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