Saturday, December 10, 2005

Argh! We won!

If you're confused by the title, don't be. Norwich City beat Crewe 2-1 and it seems the board will now believe we've turned the corner, thus allowing the Donut to finish the season as boss. I couldn't be more disappointed. Now surely, if we go and win out, then I'm not complaining but at the moment I'm convinced we won't ever win promotion again with him at the helm.

Speaking of which...I finally registered for classes at Palomar College. Starting off with College Algebra and Web Site Development using HTML. Two basically easy courses. I'm excited though. It'll be the first time I'll be in a classroom since high school. Yeah you read that right. 1996 baby. Hoping to get an AA degree and go to BYU majoring in Computer Science. Perhaps I'll minor in History if I can keep up with my classes. Perhaps with our career situations I might have to take that AA Degree and just go out and take certification courses and give up my dream for getting that BA or BS degree. Well, I have a BS degree...ha ha ha. Sorry that was lame.

Spent a lot of time the last few days doing dorkish crap in FIFA 2005.


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