Thursday, December 01, 2005

Sports for the Week

Derby County vs. Norwich City

This Saturday at Pride Park at 7:00am PDT
Thanks to Mikhail at for the kit images. Donations to the site are always welcome as added traffic to his site has made it no longer cost effective for him to keep the site up.

Among other sports news, apparently Brian Giles re-signed with the Padres. 3 years at $30 million. Apparently rumor has it he got a 5 year, $55 million offer from the Blue Jays and turned it down to stay in San Diego. The Jays' GM denies the claim but c' GMs are every honest this time of year.

The Clippers are leading the Pacific Division and the Lakers are in the cellar. What in God's good grace is happening there? The division is in exactly the opposite order in which it's been seen the last few years. Now I'm not much of a basketball fan, but one can't help but notice something like that. Well that and Toronto being 1-15 as of this post. WOW.

Now onto the NFL. Chargers and Buccaneers are 7-4 and I think headed in opposite directions. My prediction though is that both teams will win this week with the Chargers beating the Raiders at home and the Bucs over the Saints. Will the Colts go 16-0? How about, I don't care. They still need to win in the playoffs or that 16-0 means nothing. What's more important? Who will Houston draft? With such a need at O-Line for them will they trade away the pick? Shocks of the year for me? Cincy is 8-3 and Seattle is 9-2. Both will likely see playoff action and I still think both could lose in the 1st round unless one of them gets a bye.

As for the NCAA, talks I hear are the usual: who will win the Heisman and who's better...#1 or #2 and should #3-5 be considered? So it's Young, Bush or Leinart...USC vs. Texas and if one of them lose, should LSU, Penn State or V-Tech be considered? Personally I want to see a Trojans v. Longhorns match up for the championship. As for the Holiday Bowl, I would love to see something like a UCLA or Oregon take on Texas Tech or Oklahoma. UCLA vs. Texas Tech would be best right now I think.


At 4:49 PM , Blogger All Hail King Butcher! said...

Kobe wanted to run the team, and he sure did--right into the ground.

Fuck him. Up the ass. With a bear. That has SARS.

(I know you're religious, so if that offended you you can amend that second paragraph as you see fit.)

At 7:38 PM , Blogger Daniel Womack said...

The only thing I might be offended at is the idea that you might be a Lakers fan. There is only one team I hate more: The Knicks. Don't ask why. I don't know either. I figure since there's no team I truly love, that I get to have two teams I root against. If they play each other I guess the Knicks can win one. Yankees, Raiders, Lakers. In that order. With Ipswich Town and Manchester United close behind. Giants follow them (SF not NY).


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