Saturday, November 19, 2005

Y'all said no one watches Football

Well Norwich City beat Luton Town behind the stellar play of Hughes and Huckerby. Dean Ashton and Peter Thorne both had great games, though Ashton was taken with an injury late in the game.

Now I read somewhere that I was one of the 18 that watches the MLS. I'll have you know the Galaxy alone drew over 20,000 in every match this year but one and that match was a mid-week match in May. That's just one team. Granted they play in the best stadium in the league (for soccer) but that still impresses me for a sport that they said would never be popular in the United States.

Well if I'm one of the very few who pay attention to the MLS, then tell me how many people in the United States fervently follow the English Championship League? No, that's not the Premier League with Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal. No this is the Champsionship League with Norwich City, Sheffield Wednesday, Derby County and Luton Town. This is a league who's games are only televised in the cities of the local teams. They show EPL matches on Fox Soccer Channel in the states. You'll never see Millwall vs. Leeds unless they are both in the premiership (which won't happen next year at least).

I'm sure there's even fans of the Premiership who don't know names like Dean Ashton, Cameron Jerome, Steven Kabba or Warren Freeny.

I think I very well could like watching soccer much more than baseball.

GASP! Did he just say what I think he said? I don't know. I mean, maybe he we're just not sure what he meant by that. Hey, what do you mean by that?

What I meant by that was that of all the sports I could watch on TV at the moment, I'd rather watch a good soccer match than a baseball game. I know the history and players of baseball MUCH MUCH better than soccer and I have a passion for baseball that soccer hasn't reached yet. But, it's closing the gap and it's closing fast.


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