Monday, December 05, 2005

Customer Service...whole new era

I saw this last month on

This was a horror story about a guy's experience with an online camera retailer that was supposedly highly recommended by Yahoo. After this was placed on it was dugg over 7,000 times. 700-1000 will easily get you on the top 10 for any week so that gives you an idea.
Within 20 minutes the digg community had posted other alias that this retailer used along with all their phone numbers which they quickly crank called, put on automatic re-dial, skyped, ran DOS attacks on their sites, and jammed their fax numbers. AND that's just what we know about.

Here's the apology letter by the company:

How much do you believe this after what they did to this guy?

Just proves we're in a new era for customer service. Vigilante justice shouldn't be tolerated but neither should customer service like this which the government completely ignores or at the very least puts up 10,000 obstacle course of red tape you have to go through just to get ANY action started against people like this. Personally I'd go through the red tape and do it the right way but all the while I'd be thinking: If only I had Digg Army...all it would take is one submission to digg...but I'll do this right...but I really wanna...


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