Saturday, November 12, 2005

Top 5 Diggs of the week

Motorola introduces RAZR now with iTunes. Next stop, RAZR with BitTorrent and the ability (and battery power) to watch your favorite movies on the go!

Bones of ancient sea monster discovered. For any dinosaur buffs, this is a big WOW. While I'm not into dinosaurs as I was when I was a boy, this is still pretty cool I think.

Go Netflix! First Blockbuster, then Hollywood Video, then the World!

Humans controlling the weather? I saw this in a movie once. I swear I did. They tried to make it rain in some po-dunk town in Kansas and it cause massive tornadoes in India and earthquakes in Brazil and all sorts of nasty stuff. This is bad. This is real bad.

I'm not sure when this will ever come in handy since I don't suspect I'll ever be able to afford it, but hey if anyone out there is interested, here's the top five HDTV mistakes to avoid.


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