Saturday, November 26, 2005


So we headed over to the Bartlett residence for another Thanksgiving dinner. P. Bart had graciously recorded the Chelsea v. Newcastle match for us and gave us free reign over the new 50in. Sony LCD Projection HDTV. NICE. Ahhh.

Fairly dull 1st half by both clubs, but the 2nd half started briskly with two Chelsea goals in the first 10 minutes. Then John comes in. "Who's watching soccer when there's football on?" Uh, that would be me. Still I knew the final score already (I couldn't wait) so we switched it over the the Lions-Falcons game. Falcons win and over to the Dallas-Denver match.

Desiree and Juan show up with Jenika and Jovany, their new twins. The babies were cute. Wanda came with Marcus and later Sherry showed up with Eric, Amber and Alexis. Gene showed up just before dinner was ready but Andy never showed.

We sat and ate, sharing plenty of stories as usual and making the usual irreverent jokes and everything else. Basically my way of saying blah blah blah we ate dinner blah blah. Turkey wasn't dry, the potatoes were mashed nicely, the stuffing was perfect and my stomach was satisfied at the end of it all.

So yeah, Thanksgiving was as entertaining as always. A few jokes, a few stories and good food. Sure, I don't really have anything great and amazing to share but that's just because while I had a good time, nothing of note really happened. I came, I saw, I ate turkey and watched football. That's about it.


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