Sunday, December 11, 2005

Kickin' it lazy boy style

The weekend: OK so this weekend has been pretty much a waste of time. Other than some FIFA 2005 time with my buddy Scott and a little shopping at the North County Fair, I have just sat here on this chair listening to the Dawn & Drew Show and doing "dork stuff" involving FIFA and Excel. Basically, I'm going through every team in the game and pulling the uniform numbers, names, position, value and Age of every single player and putting them into Excel spreadsheets. 26 leagues, 447 teams total with about 10,500 players. I'm ALMOST half way done.

Candy, Candles, and Ass: So we're walking around North County Fair. Heading from JC Penny's towards Torrid where Victoria had to return a sweater. Some smart person decided to locate the Sweet Factory, a candle store and some body scent stores all near each other. So at first I smell some candles and that's cool. Then it gets stronger and I feel a little tug of nausea. Then the candy mixes in and it's just way too sweet a smell. Finally the other smells mix in and it literally smelled like candy, candles and that special pungent odor you leave on the chair when you've been sitting there too long.
The smell was so strong it darn near knocked me over the railing and down to the 1st floor. I actually doubled over a little and then quickly recovered so I didn't cause a scene. Just walked quickly and kept going until the stench dissipated. Victoria says "Candy, Candles, and Ass" is the name of her next album. So everyone keep a watch for that in your local independent music store.


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