Thursday, May 18, 2006

Wow almost two weeks

Well we have a few excuses. One week we were out of town house sitting for the in-laws. Yes they have a computer and yes it's only Chula Vista (30 miles out). Still, the week was just hectic and I never updated.

ANYWAYS, I have added some new photos to my flickr account. Check'em out.

We're really looking forward to May 27th. We get to see Jen in all her pregness and the rest of my mom's family. Can't wait to see everyone.

Had my annual performance review and they've decided that I would be better served as the Marketing Coordinator instead of INTERNET Marketing Coordinator. I think I'll agree. I love working on e-mails but first my mistakes are really visible whereas with the MC job I can hide most of my mistakes to the point where only I know about them. Also part of my job as IMC was basically sending out SPAM e-mails and I was never comfortable with it and many times came close to quitting only to have something keep me there. Anyways I won't be working on that anymore so I'm feeling better. No raise this year but I still have a job so that's something.

On other notes, I missed the UEFA Champions League final betwee Arsenal and Barcelona and I'm glad I did. Up 1-0, Arsenal gave up a couple goals including one from Eto'o to lose the match.
I'll blame it on their yellow away kits.

Padres played an interesting one last night. 9-0 Padres lead after the first inning. 11-2 soon after. In the 6th, the Diamondbacks came roaring back. After rookie Michael Thompson (making his major league debut) loaded the bases without getting an out, Bochy removed him for Sean Cassidy who came in with an ERA UNDER 1.00.
Cassidy gave up a double to Conor Jackson to clear the bases (Gonzalez got thrown out at home so only 2 runs scored), got Shawn Green to fly out and after a double by Estrada scored Jackson (11-5 now) he got Orlando Hudson to ground to shortstop.
The problem is, Khalil bobbled the ball allowing the inning to continue. Tony Clark pinch hit for pitcher Greg Aquino and blasted a home run. 11-8 now. Craig Counsell singled and then Eric Byrnes blasted a two-run shot to make it 11-10. That's right, from 9-0 to 11-10. I was disgusted.
STILL, Brian Giles would hit a 3-run homer in the 8th to seal it and we won 14-10. Thompson in his debut got his first win and actually pitched pretty good outside of that start to the 6th.

WELL That's it. Hopefully I'll be updating this more often.


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