Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Jen's Baby Shower!

Baby Shower the first was held Saturday at the Weist residence. It was really nice. Bonnie went ALL OUT with decorations, food, games, etc. Just really pooped herself out. Everything she did was amazing from the simple (onion dip) to the more elaborate (the decorations on the cake).

There was crab cups (crab meat and creamcheese in a pastry cup topped with little herbs), the cracker/sausage/cheese trio snacks elaborately done and wonderful sandwiches shaped like little baby bottles.

Bonnie made some DELICIOUS quiche. It's the first time I remember eating quiche (I'm sure I've had it and just don't remember). WONDERFUL.

She also put together what at first appeared to be a tall and elaborately decorated cake but on closer inspection it was a fake cake made of socks and blankies, rags, a thermometer, a stuffed rabbit and of course you must have the peepee teepees. There were rattles, pacifiers and well just more things than I could really list here. It was really cool.

They even broke out the punch bowl and cups that they apparently used at my mom's baby shower when she was pregnant with me. My grandma says it was the first time they'd been used since then. No worries, it's been washed recently ha ha.

I took a ton of photos, very few of which turned out well. I'm so bad with camera shake. I blame the shutter delay on the camera but thankfully there wasn't any pressure on me. Still I feel a bit embarassed sending these pics to Jen. I'm sure that I'm overreacting. If she likes any of them perhaps I'll toss some on here or e-mail some for those that are far away (Dad, Mom, etc) so they can see the mama and dada to be as well as perhaps a couple other pics from the event like a short movie of Charlotte (their teacup poodle) helping to open presents.

We played a couple shower games like "How Big Is Mommy" (you cut tape trying to guess how big around she is...sadly most of us were over), diaper surprise (the one with the nutella in the diaper got a prize) and draw the baby (put a paper plate on your head and draw a baby on it without looking).

They got a TON of clothes, sheets, blankets, etc. Victoria knit them a large blanket for Aidan James to sleep on or roll around on. Alex got a book for new dads and Jen got a nightie. I think if anyone wanted to pile on with the gifts, perhaps clothes from 1yr and older would be nice. Aidan has plenty for his first nine months but not much after that.

Anyways we were there for about 5-6 hours and had a wonderful time. It was so good seeing Jen, Alex and everyone else. Can't wait until later this summer when Aidan makes his World Premiere, Grand Debut or whatever you want to call it. Just can't wait 'till he gets here. Then we can start spoiling him. :-)


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