Monday, August 07, 2006


Well, something doesn't seem right. I'm having a hard time staying within the 2240-2590 calorie totals that sparkpeople has me at in order for me to reach 150lbs by 2008. It's really hard, if I stay away from junk food, to reach 2000 calories. Easy as pie to hit 2400mg sodium though. I've been sticking under 2000 for both most days but hitting my sodium ceiling is easier than hitting my calorie minimum. I'm afraid of sending my body into "starvation mode".
I don't feel overly tired during the day and my body doesn't hurt but I've gone from 285 to 276 in about two weeks and lost almost 2 inches off my waist. That just seems way too fast to be healthy. One thing I've been too low on is fiber. I just don't know how to reach 30g of dietary fiber a day. Even if I eat beans, which are some of the best sources of fiber, I'd have to eat roughly 3 cups of beans every day and that would send me high on fat and sodium. ARGH!
Anyways, I'm taking exercise more seriously. I figure it's healthier to pay attention to losing my body fat than focusing on weight. I just can't afford a gym and I'm not willing to visit my physician or local gym every month to get it checked. So, I'll figure more exercise will help me lose body fat without losing muscle. If I can maintain my lean body mass and lose body fat, and keeping my weight loss to about 1-2 pounds a week I think that's a good part of becoming more healthy. Of course a balanced diet helps a lot as well.
Till later...more updates to come.


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