Monday, August 09, 2004

Do you feel safe in your Quantum Sleeper?

Has anyone seen this website? It's an odd little site for paranoiamaniacs. The bed does look kinda cool though.

Had a great weekend. Here's a brief synopsis:

Friday: Padres game. Won 13-1. we sat in the "Beachers" in right center field. Great place to sit but we couldn't see most of the balls hit deep to RF or LF. Otherwise it was all good. We got up in the 4th to check out the park at the park with more detail. Tried a Randy Jones Pork Sandwich. Pretty good. I still am partial to the Nachos. We hit up the Store and just cruised around parts of the ballpark that we haven't spent much time in. Mostly we know 3rd base around home plate to the 1st base side. The stuff in the oufield we haven't explored much. It was a lot of fun.
Saturday: Headed out to Jennifer and Alex's. Stopped off to pick up Andrea. I'll explain more about them later with their permission but since I haven't asked yet I won't add anymore than Jenn is my cousin about a month older than me. Alex is Jenn's new husband though they've been together for quite a while. Andrea is Jenn's younger sister. About 21 I think. Anyways we all went to 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica, CA. Great little shopping district. We ate at the Broadway Deli. Decent food, OK service, average prices. My body hates grease but I got a Patty melt anyways. Paid for it and felt the pains all day. Went back to Jenn and Alex's for dinner. We ordered Thai food from Westlake Village Thai. Good place to take out food but Alex says it's not a great place to dine in. Service is slow. Anyways the food is tremendous so I didn't care. We all played Turbo Cranium and I won't say more than we were all having a grand time and the Girls beat the Guys.
Sunday: Woke up and Jenn fixed a stupendous breakfast. Omelettes, melons, vanilla yogurt with cinnammon, toast with apricot jelly, great home fried potatoes with peppers and onions and Orange Juice. Lots of food but all relatively healthy. We went out to the Getty Museum. GREAT PLACE! Lots of stairs so it was a bit physically demanding for one who doesn't exercise much but the exhibit halls were mind-boggling. Great paintings, photographs, gardens, views of LA and even furniture and dishes and the like. Statues, vases, clocks, beds, tables, bureaus, tapestries, desks, etc. Lots of stuff. I loved it and I'm not really one for art but I do have the ability to appreciate it for what it is and therefore I really really want to go back. We went back to the house and headed to Sharky's for Mexican Food. Sharky's is pricy and I don't think the food is that good but I was hungry so I ate it. Also Jenn likes it so much and i didn't want to make her feel bad. I don't know if it was what I did Saturday night or ate Sunday afternoon but Sunday night I was having a rough time of it. Bathroom and Bedroom were it for me and neither room was pleasant. No more details. You don't want it anyways.

Took the day off today to get better. I still don't want to eat and my stomach is still cramping on me or turning over from time to time but I think (hope) I'll be ok tomorrow. I slept most of the day and spent the rest either IMing LushRain and Rachel or watching The History of Britian with Simon Schama. Great show that. Anyways...My body is telling me it's time to go. I'll be back...


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