Monday, October 11, 2004

Gas Prices

What is wrong with oil companies right now?

nationwide gas prices have risen 6 cents in the last two weeks.

In San Diego gas prices have risen 24 cents in the last two weeks.


I'll find out where the headquarters of Shell and Chevron and other gas companies. They'll hear from me in many ways. AGAIN. and AGAIN. and AGAIN. until they take care of this problem. In the meantime I will walk and bike whenever humanly possible. We have bus passes. I don't need to drive. They won't get my money until they bring down the price of gas. They think they can charge whatever they want and we'll just pay it. THEY'RE WRONG. We can walk. We can bike. We can use public Transportation. We don't need their gas. Gas shortage...yeah right. Then why is gas going up at a 400% rate in San Diego vs. the rest of the state and the rest of the nation?

Liars. They're all liars. They're evil demons living among humans, preying on us for their own gains. Well when we quit using our cars...they'll go bankrupt. We'll force them to bring their prices down. Let's go people. Bike and walk whenever possible. Quit traveling. If your commute to work is too far to bike or walk, use public transportation. If you can't do that, only use your car to get to work and back. Let's all make a stand and not let these greedy corporate sinners do this to us.


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