Sunday, September 26, 2004

People tell me I ain't no good

Well maybe theys right. Been thinking a lot lately. It's probably why I haven't called or written much in the last few. Been trying to overcome a few bad habits and have been having a bit of trouble the past couple days after thinking I had them beat. You know how that is? When you realize this something that has become a part of your life is VERY WRONG and you need to quit? Then you try and try but the chains drag you back? reminds me of the scene in Three Amigos where Steve Martin's character is tied to the wall. Every time he gets close to his goal an arm or two snaps back and before he knows it, he's slammed back against the wall only to start from scratch again. You know but he did get free in the end and I think if I keep trying I will too.

well anyways. Made it my mission to get to church today. Didn't work out. Made it my mission to pay tithing. Didn't work out. Made it my mission to fast today. I'm here so I guess that didn't work out. I should be out praying and reading scripture but here I am online falling again and though I still haven't eaten or had anything to drink I still fell so is it still worth it to continue the fast?

I think what I'll do is pay tithing the next week I go to church (next week is General Conference). and I think as long as I can stay away from the pron from here on out I'll be good. I think I'll leave you now to go read some scriptures, say a prayer of repentence, and go pick my wife up. She's out stuffing envelopes for the Democratic party. Yeah. On a Sunday. that's something else I'll have to work on. No Sports on Sunday, no working on Sunday, keeping God the focus on Sunday.

Well...I'm off to try again reaching my goal. Wish me luck!


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