Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Now that the snake is out of the bag

I can now tell you all what's been going on. It seems my mother who goes by the YahooID sweet_bebe34 is actually 44 and has 3 kids. There's me of course (26), and my sister Stephanie (22) and Rachel (12). She has been talking to some guy who uses a name something like CHRLSsomethingorother. Mind you she's still married to my stepdad but she's been passing herself off I guess as a single mother of one?
Anyways Friday I found out she plans on leaving my stepdad and moving in with this guy in West Virginia...of course taking Rachel with her. Well once my stepdad found out he thought about things until last night when he confronted her. From what I hear from Rachel and Steph (since they live there) there wasn't any shouting at all. Just Bill hurrying around the house afterwards collecting some clothes and cigarettes and telling Rachel he'll be at Daves and will return in the morning to take her to school.
When Rachel inquired to mom about what happened, mom said "Danny told Dad and now he's leaving." Yes that's right folks, Rachel already knew. SHE told me. She had talked to this Gene guy on the phone and was told everything and then pressured to keep it a secret until mom was ready to tell everyone. Why put that kind of pressure on a 12 year old? Added on that, she's blaming ME for her situation. Yeah, me. Her only son. Great mom, huh?
Well mom can't just up and leave taking Rachel to West Virginia. That's called abandonment and kidnapping and she could be arrested for it. She'll have to file divorce papers. Bill will fight for custody (he already told me he will) and what court will give Rachel to mom considering the reason she's wanting a divorce, huh? If she makes Bill look bad and the court decides neither parent can take care of her, Victoria and I will try for custody. I think we'll get advice from the Bishop first and see if it's what we really should do. It's what we WANT to do. Prayer will also have to come in. Lots of it too.
I'm just real hurt by everything. I feel abandoned myself. I feel betrayed. I know the woman in my mom's body is not my mom. She's an addict. She knows what she's doing is wrong but instead of turning and facing the wave, she's blaming the wave for being there in the first place. It's the piers fault, the beaches fault, anyone but herself. So instead of just admitting that it's wrong and changing she is just diving deeper into it. I'm so sad for her. I'm sad for those being affected. I'm leaning a lot on Victoria and good friends. Talked a long time with my DAD and he gave some really good advice: Let go of the things you have no control over and leave it in God's hands. It's good advice, no?

Well so that's what is going on in my life lately. Just trying to immerse myself in the gospel and playoff baseball and Victoria. I figure with those three things it will keep me from thinking about home.


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