Friday, October 08, 2004

New revelations every day

Well the situation is getting more and more clear. I have information coming from a wide array of sources. I think I fully understand Bill, my mom, my dad, Stephanie, and Rachel. I'm certain I have the truth all there now. I just need a bit more time to think about how to take the truth I know and apply it to the situation as for how I'll react.

Red Sox are set to clinch a spot in the ALCS today. Right now it's 2-1 Sox in the 4th with no outs, bases loaded and ManRam at bat. Hoping the Twins will win today since it looks like Vazquez is pitching tomorrow. It'd be good if they didn't have to go back to New York.

The Cardinals should clinch their spot in the NLCS tomorrow and hopefully the Astros can beat the Braves.

Going to Church Sunday. Sick today but Tony's coming over after he gets off work. Tomorrow is Donovan's. Love you all. Tough times but the Lord will help me through it. Just gotta stay in tune with the Spirit. What would Jesus do. All that fun stuff.



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