Friday, October 15, 2004


Well it's happened. I have decided to take my sister from that wretched place. Yeah folks I'm gonna be thrown into the fire. None of this baby to adult crap. Apparently I'm diving right into a year of pre-teen female. Well we'll deal. Maybe it will be a good way to introduce her to the gospel.
Lord knows it's been missing from her life. On top of that she gets most of a year in a pretty damn good middle school. Bernardo Heights. Supposed to be one of the best. We'll see.
So we sign the papers and she moves in next weekend. Gonna try to go see Friday Night Lights with Butch and Tony if they're interested sometime next week. So if either of you guys are available at all next week or the week after, I'd be happy to hang.

By Referral Only has moved into a new building in Carlsbad. It's tough getting used to having the entire company there all the time. It used to just be Marketing, Tom, Richard, and Maribel in one suite and marketing was all spread in one room like a nice community. No cubes, just desks. It was so nice. Last christmas we hung paper snowflakes on the ceiling. I've got pics if you don't believe me. We turned our water cooler into Santa. NOW...cubicles. 3 walled prisons. 2nd floor. AND I have to show up BEFORE 7am if I'm going to get a parking space. Otherwise I have to park down the hill and hike up a 1/4 mile to the building. Not that bad? Well you're not out of shape. You're not 135 pounds overweight. You do not have a 44 BMI. SO LAY OFF ME!!! sorry. It's all the stress

Victoria has been sick the last two days. my hip has been hurting tonight. That's right. I'm an old man. I'm a sick fat old man. ALright enough self destruction. I'm a good guy. I'll get better. It's going to be ok. The future's so bright...I gotta wear shades. yay.


At 11:58 PM , Blogger All Hail King Butcher! said...

My old best friend does Diff'rent Strokes, my newer best friend takes on twins and pops a third in there, and I'm about as close to an ENGAGEMENT as Paris Hilton is to the nunnery. Holy--heck. (Mindful of the company.)

All I got is Tuesday & Wednesday and then I got a whole week. So place them bets NOW.


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