Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Five come Alive

I expect to be hearing a collective thank you from the Padres this afternoon.

Victoria and I went to the home opener and the Padres didn't score until the 12th.
Last night with the rain and the cold we left after the 5th inning. The Padres hadn't scored. This was the first time I had ever left a game before it's conclusion.
As we headed to the K Street Parkade we hear the stadium come off it's moorings. Niekro had hit a homer. It sounded to us like 20 plus thousand Giants fans. What's with that?!
After we left the downtown area the Padres scored their runs to win the game.

So Padres runs while we're in the ballpark this season: 1 in 17 innings
Padres runs when we are not in attendance: 23 in 28 innings

We've got tickets for another 10 games or so this season. I think we might just sell them off.

Nah, I'm sure this is just a coincidence. May 14th (SD Chicken) and June 25th (Retro Unis) are too tempting. I already have tickets and so I'm going. Let's hope Peavy's pitching again for those games. So far it looks like Redding on the 14th and Woody on the 25th. Oh no. TBC...


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