Thursday, January 20, 2005


WELL WEll well. I start actually doing my new job Monday. Today was crap. Have to finish up our Dallas run and get started on Atlanta. Ann pulled Denver out of her butt and expects 3-5 thousand email addresses for realtors in that area by the 1st. Not good. They've done this the last three months now adding new dates at the last second. Not fun.

Called Brian. Dude is quite busy. Working lots of hours, playing in a band, then trying to find time with his girlfriend and himself. He was on his way to band practice right now so he had to jet. Didn't tell me the name of the band he's in but he says they're good (which usually means they suck but I'll find out). I guess I'll know when I see them play. Whenever that will be. My guess is he's not smokin' out much anymore. Someone who smokes as much as he used too, would never be able to live on his current schedule.

So I'm sitting here and I'm tired and I'm hungry. Bored too. I guess that's exactly the wrong time to write out a blog. Well then, see ya.


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